Mark Wahlberg’s “Transformers” role captures social media

Aliens, robots, explosions and Marky Mark running around saving the world: What more could a summer blockbuster ask for? “Transformers: the age of extinction” hit theatres last Friday and is already the highest-grossing movie of the year, bringing in more than $300 million worldwide. 

It’s explosive presence has been felt online and CBS news’s interview with Mark Wahlberg has attracted the most traffic.  With over 72,000 points on Signaln's database this story about Walhberg's personal transformation has attracted just over 95% of it's traffic from Facebook “Likes”.

The “Site Analytics” function in Signal the graph shows a clear almost “exponential” growth in Facebook “likes” that outperforms every other measurement. 

CBS News’ strategy to include a video at the top of the story makes it incredibly shareable. Users can now play videos on their Facebook timeline without having to be redirected to a 3rd party website. This makes content easy to access and to “LIKE” on Facebook as a way of sharing it with people who follow you. 

How the Guardian captured social media with ‘immoral’ women comment on #HobbyLobby

Today’s Signal data points towards a single traffic hoarding website: The guardian. Jessica Valenti's analysis of #SCOTUS’ Hobby Lobby ruling in the US about religion and contraception rights has rung over 14,3100 bells across the interwebs.  

Our platform shows that this story’s interactions mainly come from Facebook “LIKES”. Nevertheless, growth is synchronous across all measurements  and will probably continue to grow towards the end of today.  

Valenti’s discussion of “female purity” as the underlying resonated across platforms and brought support on both sides to create a heated conversation. No doubt when this case travels through different political channels in the US this particular piece by the guardianuspolitics writer will come back to rack up some more points. 

A tale of two courts and how #HobbyLobby enraged social media

While most of social media is consumed by #WorldCup2014, today’s actual traffic flowing towards news stories has been divided between two court cases according to Signal data.

The Supreme Court of the United States (#SCOTUS) ruled in the case of Burwell v Hobby Lobby Stores while the UK’s Southwark Crown Court found veteran entertainer Rolf Harris guilty of sexual assault.  

The BBC (UK) and CNN (USA) provided in depth coverage for each of their patches and have been going head to head on traffic ever since. With almost 24,000 points on Signal each, the race was close but it’s not over yet. 

Signal's unique live charts show how this particular story exploded just before 4pm GMT which is between 8-10am in the US depending on time zones. Since then, CNN's story has seen an enormous amount of traffic (mainly from Facebook) once the US awoke to the news that SCOTUS  had ruled  a Christian-owned company can claim a religious exemption to a law requiring employers to pay for their workers’ contraception.

Even though it is not trending worldwide (nothing can defeat #WorldCup2014 tweets this summer) the political twitter storm is still raging on. As the CCN article states, this story is going to live on through at least November.

"It also set off a frenzied partisan debate over religious and reproductive rights that will continue through the November congressional elections and beyond."

Have a look at some of the latest tweets and expect to see them coming for a while. 

Social Media divided across digital rivalry: iPhone vs Android

Today’s winner is The Verge’s coverage of the age old battle of iPhone vs Android. It’s time to choose your religion and rack up Signal points for this story and add to their already impressive 5,445.

With a brilliant output of Facebook interaction, this story has rallied support on both sides: the avid Mac fans and the blackberry/google phone gang. Like the proverbial West Side Story both sides have brought their best moves to argue for their preferred OS. 

In their tradition of illulstrating stories in different posts, today’s top story is accompanied by another story: Android: A Visual History. This story adds up traffic and helps to cross-promote their original story. I guess maybe our religion should be well thought out ready-made viral journalism.

WorldCup drama takes a bite out of social media #LuisSuarez

Everybody has got #WorldCup fever and some haven’t quite known how to deal with it. The recent controversy regarding Uruguayan player Luis Suarez biting a member of the Italian football team during a match has fired up social media response.Apart from the fantastic (and creative) Luis Suarez memes, today’s big social winner is BBC’s coverage of FIFA’s decision to ban Suarez for four months. 

With over 26,000 points on Signal's database this story has been getting a lot of it's traffic from twitter, which is quite unusual. With over 7,200 twitter points, this story by the BBC has seen accompanying traffic on Facebook. 

Continuing with #WorldCup drama, The New York Times’ "The Upshot" has created a fantastic infographic to pluck at the collective hope of #TeamUSA fans. Their emphasis on explaining the possible outcomes of #WorldCup games has really paid out on social. In their own words:

"what teams must do to win their group, advance or, at the very least, spoil the fun for others"

With over 14,600 points, this story has seen it’s traffic coming mainly from Facebook. FB’s organic compatibility for image sharing has made this story today’s second high scorer. 

What makes a social media leader? Harvard Business Review seems to know

Leading today’s Signal charts with over 30,000 points we welcome to this blog the Harvard Business Review. Their 2004 story What Makes a Leader? has made an incredible comeback on social media. 

The social interaction with this particular story has remained consistent throughout since this story was “reborn” on Monday morning. The thoughtful article delineates the qualities that a leader must have and builds on past articles published on the same platform. 

This particular story also marks several highlights for Harvard Business Review: it has rallied it’s most Facebook LIKES and Shares. WIth an average of 160 articles in the past month, that is no small feat. It is an more impressive feat if we consider the fact that you cannot read the whole article without a subscription: goes to show the loyalty of their readers or how little we actually read. Maybe we are satisfied with a couple of paragraphs of general information, and no more. Either way, kudos to the team at @HarvardBiz. 

Flying Cats, musical mice and giant jellyfish dominate social media

Today’s top stories hail from the animal kingdom…well sort of. The Verge has captured today’s prize with their coverage of Deadmau5 selling his Nyan Cat (see? told you there were animals) themed Ferrari.

With other 37,000 points on Signal's database this story has soared like a pop tart cat in the sky. Unsurprisingly, most of the traffic has come from Facebook comments, shares and likes as people engage with the colorful images of the DJ's Ferrari.

Second story rises from the ocean depths with incredible images of a 120 foot long Jellyfish. This jelly-zilla and the mega points it has rallied have captured social media. WIRED’s coverage of this incredible creature has earned them over 11,000 social points on the database. 

Social media goes to warp speed over science news

Today’s top stories come bubbling out of test tubes and laboratories. New developments in dentistry have rallied over 29,000 points on Signal for the Guardian’s coverage. With most of its activity on facebook, this story reports on a medial discovery of tooth filling that allows teeth to heal themselves. It  seems like people on social can relate to tooth ache for they have taken to the ‘net with a bite.

Moving far away from teeth and into outer space: today’s second story is CNN’s coverage of new revealed images of what a warp-speed space ship could look like. These plans were designed by NASA’s Advanced Propulsion Team but they didn’t get full speed ahead until they revealed photos of what it might look like. Social’s nature being completely visual, the story (and the pic) spread like wildfire. Over 24,000 points on Signal earn this story a well deserved 2nd place. 

Last but not least,  Tesla has challenged the rest of the car industry by open sourcing their patents for electric cars. The team at The Verge has picked up on the story and made good use of it. With an incredible 102,793  Facebook “likes” this story strikes a green chord with online audiences as well as satisfying hard core motorists. Social media to infinity and beyond! ENGAGE!

Social Media sings praise for Brazil and Civil Rights Movement Singer

Riding the social media carnival that is the Brazil World Cup 2014, CNN has scored almost 42,000 points on Signal's database to win today's match. This story is a photo gallery of 20 breath taking Brazilian natural wonders that is linked to all of their World Cup coverage. Linked to everything related to football the main traffic for this story has come from Facebook, particularly FB likes. 

Part of the success of this story is how easily shareable it is on Facebook and how FB’s internal programming picks up a big image to display with the post or share. It’s easy to people to interact with images, particularly such stunning ones. 

In other non spherical sport related news, the death of American actress and activist Ruby Dee has attracted incredible traffic with songs of praise for her. 

CNN’s coverage once again reigns supreme with the New York Times’ story winning just over 16,800 points on Signal In both stories there is an important present of multimedia material to illustrate the life of the 91 year old stage legend. This also reinforces the importance of visual materials to accompany long pieces like obituaries, to make them more easily shareable. 

Fashionable #WorldCup kicks off on social media

Like any  #WorldCup, this year’s football festival is about everything else BUT the football. 

Today’s top story deals with the sartorial competition , the real pants of the issue so to speak, comparing Italy and England on their fashion statements on arrival. Quartz’s story has stitched together over 27,000 points on Signal's database riding on today's #WorldCup traffic.

 The story revolves around the Italian team and their fashion perfect arrival in their official three-piece navy wool Dolce & Gabbana off-duty suits. The English team, on the other hand, went for comfort and sporty wear (what? athletes wearing sport wear?) instead of their £264 Marks & Spencer suits. The team at Quartz have made a very intelligent decision by attacking their #WorldCup coverage from every angle: from bussiness to fashion. Very well earned traffic for them today. More than 26,000 likes on Facebook is not shabby, at all (unlike the English’s arrival apparently). 

Keeping up with the World Cup theme, THIS WONDERFUL PIECE of data journalism by the Wall Street Journal shows up the "World Cup of Everything Else". It’s not trending on Signal (just yet) but it is also proof of an “un-sport” attempt to commandeer the social media frenzy the World Cup has caused. PLAY ON!

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